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White House Meeting: All Democratic Governors Attend

White House Meeting: All Democratic Governors Attend

White House Meeting: Democratic Governors’ Concerns Allayed

Biden’s meeting with Democrats this week is quite a big deal in the current geopolitical climate. On Wednesday, Democratic governors attended the White House meeting with the President. They wanted to see him personally after his bad performance at the debate against former President Donald Trump last Thursday.

At the beginning of the debate, Biden stumbled with words, and his voice seemed ready to give out. He never recovered during the 90 minutes the discussion lasted. This worried the officials as the President is 81 years old. Sources claimed that he had a cold, and a doctor at Camp David confirmed that, but governors wanted to ensure that Biden was fit for another term in the White House. Consequently, they all attended Wednesday’s meeting in person or remotely, using that chance to ask frank questions about Biden’s health.

Kathy Hochul of New York, Gavin Newsom of California, Maura Healey of Massachusetts, Andy Beshear of Kentucky, Tim Walz of Minnesota, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan were among the attendees, while fourteen governors joined the meeting remotely.

Whitmer, Pritzker, and Beshear are also considered potential presidential candidates to replace Biden if he decides to step down, but thus far, they are all for the President. On Monday, Andy Beshear stated that Biden’s debate performance was shaky, but he will continue supporting the President as long as he is the candidate. Officials also discussed Gavin Newsom’s presidential candidacy, but he also supports Biden.

On Monday, Mr. Walz, the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, discussed Mr. Biden’s performance in debate with the governors. This call led to yesterday’s meeting, which helped calm the officials and allay their concerns. Some of them announced after the meeting that all of them had pledged to support the President.


Democratic Governors Say Joe Biden Isn’t Backing Down

The governors stated that Biden is “in it to win it.” They are concerned about the President’s health, considering his age, but he is still a better choice than Donald Trump. According to the Democrats, the threat of the latter’s presidency is quite real, and if Trump wins, the American people will suffer.

They even described Trump’s presidency as a time of total destruction and chaos. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic and used the science effectively to do that. He also worked with the middle class to improve their economic standing and invested in infrastructure.

After the White House meeting, Governor Walz noted that Biden has always had their backs and now they will have his back. Democrats don’t deny that Thursday’s debate was a rough performance, but they still believe that Biden will deliver what he promises.

The President himself announced that he isn’t going to back down and will continue his candidacy. One source also confirmed that he is still running and doesn’t plan to leave.

Supporting an Older Leader: Democratic Governors Stand Firm with Biden

Meanwhile, Dan McKee of Rhode Island stated that he wholly supports the President, and Wes Moore even pledged not to seek the nomination even if the President steps aside. According to him, Biden isn’t leaving, nor should he. Moore added that they stated their concerns honestly while also discussing the people’s worries regarding the President’s health and his ability to continue ruling. However, Biden continued to show them and tell them that he was all in, so they decided to believe him and stand with him.

Hochul also said that the President plans to win. Thus, all of the Democrats pledged their support to him. According to Hochul, the stakes couldn’t be higher, and Biden must be the winner. He mentioned that during his meeting with the President, they discussed the plan and Biden aimed to focus on various issues that need solving.

Why Is the White House Meeting Important?

Wednesday’s meeting is noteworthy because, until this event, only the President’s top aides and advisers were reassuring the officials that he was fit to continue running after the White House meeting.

After the bad start at the debate, Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas called on the President, suggesting that he should drop out of the presidential elections. However, the other members of the campaign dismissed this suggestion and asked for a meeting with the President instead.

Biden mostly left reaching to governors to his aides, especially during the campaign year. On Monday, members of the Democratic Governors’ Association discussed this subject as they felt the lack of direct contact with the President was a problem.

The Biden campaign offered to arrange a meeting between Vice President Harris and the governors. But they demanded to meet the President himself. One source noted that the Democrats wanted to hear from Biden directly before risking their careers for him.

Until Wednesday’s White House meeting, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Kathy Hochul were the only ones who have met the President since the debate.

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